Introducing the innovative new feature for your SpotCam - Visual Search

Unlike most other me too cameras out there in the market which are based on P2P system with limited functions on mobile app, SpotCam is based on true cloud platform with full time cloud storage, on which we constantly develop innovative and useful features to surprise our users. Among those ne...

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20:42 Nov 25/17   /   By: SpotCam

A real "Smart Home Cloud Camera" - SpotCam Sense

After a hype started from 2010, industry starts to see the term "Smart Home" cooling down in the market, we don't see new start-up every month touting new fancy gadget that trying to make your home smart. Exclude Amazon Echo and Google Home, there are barely any smart home products that one can r...

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18:09 Dec 03/16   /   By: SpotCam

SpotCam now is smart enough to turn itself on when you are away

Although we designed SpotCam cloud system with users' privacy and internet security in mind, we fully understand some of you still prefer to turn off SpotCam when you get home. Reasons may vary, maybe you want to save internet bandwidth or you are just not comfortable with having a camera watchin...

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18:47 Oct 15/16   /   By: SpotCam

SpotCam is working with IFTTT now

As many of you may have heard of, IFTTT is one of the most popular smart home platform that let different smart home devices from different brands working with each other. SpotCam cloud camera and its cloud service now also works with IFTTT for our users can create lots of automated tasks with th...

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15:36 Oct 04/16   /   By: SpotCam

Ensure You Buy the Best Security System for Home

Security is a prime need of life and nearly every homeowner opts for some security options for his or her abode. However, it is just not enough to invest in home insurance policy or keep a tough dog for safeguarding your home from miscreants and trespassers. It makes sense to buy and install suit...

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20:28 Oct 26/15   /   By: SpotCam

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