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By: SpotCam | 17:54 Mar 31/23

For a long time, thousands of users have leveraged the help of SpotCam video AI services to build an efficient video monitoring system or provide a more all-rounded cares to people they love. Now, we are taking one step further, bringing you not only video AI analysis but also audio AI analysis, that is SpotCam Audio AI Service.

Since the beginning, SpotCam is one of the very few smart camera brands that not only provides video motion detection, but also audio sound detection. As a front runner, we know that audio sound detection without further analyzing sound patterns and identifying the sound types will very often cause false alarms triggered by environmental sound such as car horn, vehicle exhaust sound, or loud chattering of passersby. To make audio information more insightful for the surveillance system, SpotCam cloud audio AI services analyze the content of the sound and categorize them into different type of events so you can pay attention to only abnormal events in the environment, not to be bothered by false audio alarms.

SpotCam cloud audio AI services trigger events and send alarm notification to you via mobile app push notification, web browser notification, or Emails, you can choose which way you like to be informed and never miss a thing. To make sure you can find the best service subscriptions for you, we launch the services in versatile plan packages so you can choose the one that suits you best or subscribe as a bundle package. Now let’s take a look at those cloud audio AI services available and pick one for yourself!

Pet Sound Detection
We know more and more people love the companion of furry baby in the house and you just want to make sure everything is perfect for your baby. Keep that in mind, we introduce pet sound detection function that only trigger events when cat meowing or dog barking sound detected in the environment, keeps an eye on your fur baby 24/7 so you can instantly check in on your fur baby whenever they need anything.

Baby Crying Sound Detection
For parents with new-born babies in the house, there is no better help than baby crying sound detection service. With the help of baby crying sound detection, SpotCam will send mobile app push notification or email to you when your baby cries so you can stay in touch even when you are not in the same room. We know how difficult and tiresome it can be to take care of your baby 24/7 without a break, so subscribe to this service and let SpotCam detect baby crying sound for you so you can take a rest with peace of mind.

Sound Detection Bundle
SpotCam sound detection bundle service can identify different type of sounds including human screaming sound, cat meowing and dog barking sound, and abnormal events sound including gunshots, broken window, and vehicle honking sound. With the help from sound detection bundle of SpotCam cloud sound AI service, you don’t have to worry about missing a event simply because it is out of viewing area of your camera.

Having learnt all the information about SpotCam Cloud Audio AI Services, are you eager to give it a try now? Sure, no problem! Same as SpotCam Cloud Video AI Services, we are providing you 7 days free trial for any AI services you are interested in. Simply subscribe to the free trial plan and test it in your house, you only pay if you like what you get, and no charge will be made if you just unsubscribe within 7 days trial period. Click here now for more information on subscription fees of the services and start your free trial!

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