A more intelligent solution - SpotCam Cloud Video AI Service

15:10 Apr 16/19    /   By: SpotCam

Today, we’re going to talk about our highly praised technology – SpotCam Cloud Video AI service. This is the first time that  advanced AI video analytics could be accessed so easily with a low budget by general consumers to help solving problems faced in their daily life when using video monitoring devices.

Though you could keep an eye on anywhere you want with most video monitoring products already, you may need a more intelligent service to look after what you value the most. Thanks to SpotCam AI service, you can now achieve that in a reliable and smarter way.

For protecting your important asset, Miss Object Service alerts you once the object is moved; or simply secure you home using Virtual Fence Service to trigger a notification when someone breaks into your front door or back yard. To filter out unwanted alerts and focus only on important events, subscribe to Human Detection, Pet Detection or Vehicle Detection which only triggers events by the activities you care the most. Furthermore, guard your loved ones by subscribing the Fall Detection, which alerts you when it detects a human falling and not getting back up quickly. You can pay for these services by month or by year, and unsubscribe anytime when you don’t need them.

If you are attracted by above and like to try out first, we provide a 7-day FREE trial for you to better evaluate which AI service is suitable for you. Please click here to know more about the technical details of the SpotCam Cloud Video AI service, and click here to subscribe now!

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