100% Wire-Free Smart Cloud Camera - SpotCam Solo 2 Is Available Now

11:32 Sep 10/21    /   By: SpotCam

Following the well-reputed SpotCam Solo, the second generation – SpotCam Solo 2 wire-free cloud camera with upgrade wire-free cloud camera has finally been launched.

SpotCam Solo 2 is a wire-free camera with 1080P FHD and 180-degree panoramic view, which allows you to see clearer and wider, never worry about missing any valuable moments any more. Also, SpotCam Solo 2 supports Bluetooth which makes the setup even easier. In only 3 minutes. In addition, you can set SpotCam Solo 2 both indoor or outdoor with IP65 weatherproof.

SpotCam remains to be the one and only brand in the market providing free forever cloud recording plan. SpotCam Solo 2 comes with free 7-day cloud recording forever so you don’t even need a microSD card to store videos. You can simply store, download and share videos via your iOS/Android phone or tablet. Don’t worry about missing any video clips even when the camera is stolen.

Compare to its predecessor SpotCam Solo which uses one time off AA batteries, SpotCam Solo 2 can be powered by rechargeable built-in lithium batteries to save your cost and also support DC power input using provided power cord for different use cases. The built-in rechargeable lithium batteries can last up to 6 months after fully charged with event trigger 20~30 times every day. Just setup the SpotCam Solo 2 wire-free cloud camera then you’re ready to go, no more professional skills or wiring hassle needed.

Meanwhile, SpotCam Solo 2 can also work with SpotCam Solar Power Bank. Simply plug and play then you can power the camera by sunlight, build up an eco-friendly and self-consistent monitoring system with 91% energy conversion rate. SpotCam Solo 2 can also be powered by cable, the flexible power options allow you to set the camera in any environment you need.

Besides all the features above, there’re also optional smart video AI services for you to subscribe monthly or annually. Furthermore, SpotCam Solo 2 smart cloud camera is compatible with most smart home platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. Building up your own smart-home system is no longer a complicate task and let’s get it done within few minutes with SpotCam Solo 2!

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