The difference between P2P camera and cloud camera

19:23 Nov 30/21    /   By: SpotCam

Have you ever tried to choose an ideal security camera among all options in the market? Then you must realize most brands claim their products to be cloud cameras. You may think that it is called a cloud security camera as long as it supports reviewing remotely using mobile APP, right? Of course not! In fact, the connection methods of these products are still quite different. Currently, cloud camera can be divided into two categories: P2P cameras and cloud cameras. We’re going to explain the difference between P2P cameras and cloud cameras and what’re the advantages to choose a real cloud camera in this article.

What is P2P/cloud camera?

P2P cameras establish an independent connection to end devices (i.g. smartphone, tablet etc.) directly for video streaming and camera settings. While cloud cameras upload all data including video streaming, settings to a cloud server, and the end devices connect to the cloud server to obtain the required data like video streaming.

Now, you should understand the difference between P2P and cloud cameras from the above. Cloud cameras depend on cloud server as a relay station, while P2P cameras build a direct connection to end devices. So, why should we choose cloud cameras instead of P2P cameras? Let explain further about the benefit when using cloud camera.

The advantage of real cloud cameras:

For traditional CCTV monitoring system, it’s necessary to set security cameras, DVR/NVR, and storage device. It also requires mechanics with professional skills to handle the wiring and devices settings. One of the advantages of the real cloud camera is that the above-mentioned complicated installation doesn’t exist anymore. Just setup the camera and connect to the Internet connection, there’s no extra installation cost and the process is greatly simplified cause the cloud server plays the role of DVR/NVR and storage devices. Customers can easily setup by themselves.

The second advantage of using real cloud cameras is the better performance. Like explained above, P2P cameras store data on edge and transmit to end devices directly, and the storage capacity will be greatly limited in this way. Besides, the algorithm is performed by the camera itself. The performance of P2P cameras is worse than real cloud cameras depending on cloud server to run all algorithm.

As for data storage, all data of P2P cameras are stored in the microSD card. When the camera is stolen, you will lose all data in the microSD card at the same time. On the contrary, when using a real cloud camera, since all data is stored on the cloud, even when the camera is stolen or damaged, you can still find all the files stored before the camera is offline.

Why should you choose SpotCam Real Cloud Cameras?

After the introduction above, you must agree that a real cloud camera should be a better choice than P2P cameras. Now, let’s talk about what makes SpotCam Real Cloud Cameras stand out among all similar options in the surveillance market.

1.No NVR/ DVR required, affordable solution with flexibility

SpotCam cloud video monitoring system is a pure cloud-based video streaming platform, so you don’t need to set local NVR/ DVR compared to traditional video monitoring system. Thanks to the cloud server (Amazon/ Google), you just setup the camera at the place you like and connect it to the WiFi, then you are ready to enjoy a complete video surveillance system. The pure cloud-based solution significantly reduces the cost to build a monitoring system. Simply setup the camera on site to build up your own monitoring system immediately. This is especially suitable for the small to medium business with an affordable cost and flexibility for setup.

2.HTTPS and AES 256-bit encryption, security is guaranteed

SpotCam uses HTTPS and AES 256-bit encryption for the data transmission on cloud and adapts Google GCP storage for data storage with secured firewall and ISO27001 certification. You only need to register an account and set the camera under your account to watch live video via computer/smart phone/tablet. This security encryption mechanism also avoids the cybersecurity concerns of traditional P2P cameras led by the leakage of the device password.

3.Just one SpotCam account, and you can enjoy all functions you need

Last but not least, traditional P2P cameras cannot offer so many unique features limited by the computing capacity of the camera itself and also the lack of account system. On the other hand, SpotCam cloud-based solution allows users to watch live videos, change camera settings, export and share videos via SpotCam App. At the same time, you can also enjoy various cloud services, such as video AI services and the connection with Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart home devices.

If you are confused or hesitated about how to choose the best solution from the countless choices in the market, then SpotCam Real Cloud Camera is definitely your first choice. Come and join SpotCam now, easily build up your own video surveillance system and enjoy the convenience of SpotCam anytime, anywhere.

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