SpotCam is the Only Taiwanese Brand Specializing in Cloud-based Video Surveillance Solutions

17:40 Aug 23/22    /   By: SpotCam

Taiwan once was the king of the world security surveillance industry. From analog cameras and video capture cards to digital video recorders, Taiwan vendors used to be the main suppliers in the world, and many of them had the top market share in the world. However, then the red supply chain emerged. Chinese vendors including Hikvision, currently blacklisted by the U.S. Trade Department, and Dahua Technology, have invested a large amount into the video surveillance industry. Taiwanese vendors have gradually been pushed out of the spotlight during the transition from analog to digital technology. Nowadays, the global video surveillance market still prospers. IP cameras have become mainstream products. However, there are very few Taiwanese vendors in the surveillance industry that can compete in the world market.

In such an overall environment, SpotCam was founded in 2014. It is committed to forming a local Taiwanese R&D team to develop and maintain overall solutions such as video streaming and connection systems associated with information security and privacy, cloud service platform construction, user apps, website systems and WebVMS®, and embedded system development of cameras. We believe that video surveillance and AI video smart analysis eventually will be implemented in every household; hence, we need a reliable brand that can be used at home with ease. Despite Chinese brands such as TP-Link, Mi, and Ezviz, a sub-brand founded by Hikvision, with Chinese government shareholding and blocked by the Taiwanese and the U.S. government, has muscled for market share with low prices, SpotCam hangs in there to promote its own brand as an option for clients who prefer Taiwanese brands. This brand continues to grow till this day.

These years, awareness of information security and privacy has been raised. Consumers have gradually become aware that price should not be prioritized for network-connectable products, particularly cloud video surveillance cameras for sending sensitive information such as video streaming. It is essential to choose legally operated brands with comprehensive after sales service and technical support. Since SpotCam launched its first product in 2014, it has been cultivating the Taiwanese market and has become a leading-edge brand in the Taiwanese market. With its base in Taiwan, we have promoted SpotCam, our own brand, to international markets such as Europe, the U.S., Japan, and Hong Kong, and become successful in these markets. Among the same type of products in the market, besides Chinese brands, the market is flooded with no-name brand and OEM cameras that are only sold online. These brands have OEM hardware and software design. They merely get a brand name and they’re outsourced to unknown small factories. After a brand label has been affixed, the products are sold online and compete by fighting in a price war. These products have high risk in information security and privacy. They have no guarantee for product quality or after-sales service.

In the future, SpotCam will keep developing more functions to satisfy user needs and launch more products. This brand will continue to cultivate the Taiwan market and gradually establish a security alarm service for family and business environments, to offer more attentive products and services to users. We want to help everyone to use SpotCam cloud video surveillance and security alarm services easily to protect their own and their family’s life and property.

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