Is The SpotCam Cloud Service Subscription Rate Higher Than Others?

By: SpotCam | 14:33 Sep 19/22

Cloud technology has been popularized among all aspects in daily life. The video surveillance industry, which has been conservative and slow in adopting new technology, is gradually embracing cloud technology. Under such a background, SpotCam has launched a real cloud video surveillance solution. The video streaming of cameras is uploaded to a safe cloud video server for storage. Important videos won’t get lost even if the onsite devices and cameras have been destroyed.

The SpotCam cloud video surveillance platform primarily adopts Amazon AWS and Google GCP. For users in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, and the U.S., we have deployed GCP or AWS servers to guarantee the best connection quality and data storage safety. While offering stable and safe cloud service, we need to pay a large amount of money for cloud server and bandwidth to Amazon and Google. This is why we need to charge for the optional cloud storage plans.

Does SpotCam charge more than other brands? First, we need to clarify that SpotCam is the only brand in the market offering free 24-hour fulltime continuous cloud recording plan. You can use our free cloud recording plan if you only need 24-hour cloud loop recording. It will always be free-of-charge. If you use event-driven cameras, you can use the seven-day cloud backup recording plan, which is also always free. Usually, other brands in the market only disclaim they offer 7 or 30-day free cloud recording but do not specify that they only offer event recording instead of fulltime continuous recording, which is what SpotCam offers. You need to pay if you wish to use fulltime continuous cloud recording with other brands, and there's no free plan available.

What if we compare the paid fulltime cloud recording plans among different brands? SpotCam offers exclusive three-day fulltime cloud recording plan for light users, and it is only US$3.95 per month or US$39 per year. Except for Chinese brands, it costs the lowest among all European, U.S., and Taiwanese brands on the market. For heavy users, let's talk about the 30-day fulltime cloud recording plan that almost all brands offer. You only need to pay US$19.95 per month or US$199 per year for SpotCam 230-day fulltime cloud recording plan, and it is still the lowest price among European, U.S., and Taiwanese brands except for Chinese brands. Cloud recording services offered by Chinese brands are usually only for users in China. Almost all of them are implemented on Chinese cloud platforms. Users need to be careful about that.

In summary, when comparing the cost of cloud recording services, users need to pay attention to whether the brand offers fulltime or event recording. It’s not reasonable to compare different types of recording plan. Sometimes even IT media or product reviewers make this mistake, and it’s like comparing apples to oranges. If you need fulltime continuous cloud recording, SpotCam is your best choice. SpotCam is the only brand offering life-time free 24-hour fulltime cloud recording, and also offers the most economic optional fulltime cloud recording plans except for Chinese brands. SpotCam really saves your money while offering high-quality products and cloud services.

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