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Why my SpotCam connection keeps breaking up?

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If your SpotCam constantly connect/disconnect from the server, then it may be caused by one of below conditions:

1. Wi-Fi upload bandwidth is not enough (at least 500Kbps uploading bandwidth is required and we suggest 1Mbps if possible)

2. Wi-Fi signal is too weak or your SpotCam is too far away from your Wi-Fi router, or there are too many objects blocking the signal between SpotCam and Wi-Fi router

3. There are interference source around SpotCam, such as wireless phone or radio devices

To eliminate above situations, first please confirm you have enough upload bandwidth in your house, and try to move SpotCam to a closer location to your Wi-Fi router. Meanwhile, prevent from placing other wireless devices or radio devices around your SpotCam. Your connection status should be improved once above actions are taken.

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