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How to change the Wi-Fi setting of my SpotCam?

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If you SpotCam is up and running for a while, but now you have to move the camera to another location where a different Wi-Fi should be used, then what you need to do is just change Wi-Fi setting of your SpotCam. Note, you don’t need to deactivate your SpotCam to change Wi-Fi.

Change to a different Wi-Fi for your SpotCam is as easy as you setup your SpotCam for the setup, you can use either PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone to run SpotCam installation process again then you can easily change the Wi-Fi setting of your SpotCam.

Here is the simple SOP you can follow to change your Wi-Fi:
1. Power off your SpotCam and switch to AP mode from the back of the camera
2. Power on your SpotCam and wait for yellow LED to blink
3. Use smart phone/tablet/PC/MAC to log in with the same account you registered SpotCam earlier
4. Start ”Add SpotCam” process and then follow instruction

For PC or laptop
If you are using PC or laptop, just visit home page and then you will see Add SpotCam button at the top right corner, next to Store button.

Once click on the button, you will be asked to download the SpotCam installer, please execute the file after download complete. Don’t worry; nothing will be installed on your device.

Just follow the instruction to run SpotCam installation process, and you will see a message like below, just click Change SpotCam Wi-Fi button and move to next step.

Select the Wi-Fi network you want your SpotCam to connect with then follow the instruction to finish the SpotCam installation process.

For smart phone or tablet
If you are using iPad/iPhone or Android smart phone or tablet, please install SpotCam APP from Apple APP Store or Google Play. After log in to the APP, you can find Change SpotCam Wi-Fi button in the menu as shown below.

Just click on Change SpotCam Wi-Fi button and follow the instruction like above then you can easily change the Wi-Fi setting of your SpotCam.

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