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Cloud Service Plan For
SpotCam Business Camera

SpotCam Package

SpotCam Live

Free Forever

with your SpotCam, including:

  • Watch real-time video anytime any where
  • Motion and audio event detection
  • Receive event alert by email or mobile APP
  • Share live video or snapshot with other people

1-day recording

  • 24 hours recycling full-time continuous cloud recording FREE FOREVER
  • Recording at camera's max resolution
  • Make film footages from stored video

SpotCam NVR

How the cloud works for you

SpotCam cloud NVR plan removes NVR server from your house, when SpotCam is on, it constantly streams encrypted live video to MySpotCam.com cloud server. You can connect to MySpotCam.com anytime anywhere to view the live video from your SpotCam.

If you purchase MySpotCam.com NVR plan, your SpotCam video will be stored in secured video database for you to review later. When MySpotCam.com server receives live video footage, motion and audio detection is also executed and keep you posted about any possible event.


Safe as money in the bank

SpotCam and MySpotCam.com utilize bank-level encryption technology and SSL security when streaming and storing your private video, you can be assured that no one can see your video without your permission.

Keep your favorite
clip forever

With SpotCam NVR Plan you can not only store live video for later review, you also get a free film space for you to keep your favorite clip as long as you want.

Access your video
anytime, anywhere

You can always access your video on MySpotCam.com or with mobile APP, and you will be surprised to learn how much fun moments you've missed after you setup SpotCam and SpotCam NVR, no matter it's a smile from you son or your dog being angry at a pillow.

Share with your friend or
public to the world

We understand there are times you want to share your camera and fun video with people, so with SpotCam you can easily share them to people you know or public your camera to the world via mobile app or website interface.

Built-in disconnection auto backup

Store the videos in the microSD card when disconnected and restore them to the cloud when connected. Disconnection auto backup brings you a peace of mind, never miss any key moments!

SpotCam Video AI Service

Enhance your home, shop’s security, not just record a video, but also analysis the video to protect your family and assets. With SpotCam video analytic service, you can easily analysis your camera video and help you to reduce the faulty event alert. Try it now!

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