High-Tech Babysitter - SpotCam BabyCam Cloud AI Smart Baby Monitor

By: SpotCam | 21:10 Jan 21/22

Are you looking for a security camera that can keep an eye on your baby and record every lovely moment at the same time? SpotCam hear your voice! We're now around the corner to launch the first cloud smart AI baby camera - SpotCam BabyCam. In addition to the built-in motion detection and baby tracking, there’re also multiple intelligent cloud AI services designed for baby monitoring. Let’s take a closer look at it!

SpotCam BabyCam comes with 1080P high-resolution image quality allowing you to watch your adorable baby. With built-in professional night vision mode, you can see every detail even at night. In addition, no matter your baby crawls, walks, or runs, the built-in baby tracking function makes the camera pan and tilts automatically to follow and make sure you capture all the precious moments. What's more, dangerous zone detection can monitor the environment around your baby and send real-time alerts to make sure your baby's safe. When the camera detects a stranger or the baby entering the dangerous zone you set, SpotCam will immediately send you an alert notification.

What about my baby cries without having me around it? Don't worry! SpotCam BabyCam has numerous built-in lullabies, and you can play them remotely to soothe your baby via the SpotCam app. There is no need to purchase additional speakers. Furthermore, you can use the two-way audio function to talk to your baby just like you are there in person.

Another critical feature of SpotCam BabyCam is recording every moment while your baby is growing. Like all SpotCam monitoring cameras, SpotCam BabyCam also has free-forever 24hr full-time cloud recording. You can easily save, download the videos to keep every valued moment of your baby and share them with your friends and family in a few seconds. SpotCam also offers an optional 3/7/30 day cloud recording plan for you to subscribe to base on your need, it’s flexible, and you only pay for what you need.

Except for the above benefits, SpotCam also launches three cloud AI services aiming for baby care, making SpotCam BabyCam becomes an intelligent babysitter. Video Diary can automatically create an album and time-lapse videos to save every valuable moment of your baby. In addition, while the baby is sleeping, SpotCam BabyCam monitors and sends alerts immediately when the baby rolls over and its face is covered. Last but not least, with the baby crying detection, when SpotCam detects the baby is crying, it will send you an alert notification that you can check and take care of your baby as soon as possible. As your baby grows up, you can also remove the bear ears headband on SpotCam BabyCam and make it a standard indoor security camera at home to keep your family secured.

Among all similar baby monitoring cameras, the SpotCam BabyCam cloud AI smart baby monitoring camera stands out by allowing you to enjoy complete and professional baby care functions at an affordable price for peace of mind while keeping every valued memory for you and your beloved baby.

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