SpotCam Mibo – Secure Your Fur Baby

By: SpotCam | 10:53 Dec 06/22

Have you ever thought about what would your fur baby do while staying at home alone? SpotCam is going to launch a smart AI cloud pet camera – SpotCam Mibo to bring you peace of mind even when you’re away. Except for the basic motion and sound detection, there are also built-in pet detection and tracking function free of charge and optional pet care cloud AI services available for subscription, making sure your fur baby is safe and under good watch 24/7 with the advanced technology.

SpotCam Mibo not only comes with 2K super high resolution and clear night vision but supports 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt, you can watch your lovely fur baby clearly at the best angle and never worry about the blind spots in your house. Furthermore, SpotCam Mibo is capable of two-way communication, you can talk to your pets remotely via Android or iOS mobile devices or web browsers using PC/Mac, and your babies don’t have to suffer from Separation Anxiety anymore.

Besides panning/ tilting the camera manually, SpotCam Mibo comes with built-in pet detection and tracking function. It will pan/ tilt automatically to follow the movements of your fur baby if the camera detects a pet in the video, and you would never miss any seconds even when your fur baby is walking around. On top of that, SpotCam Mibo supports built-in human detection and tracking as well, you can focus on both your fur baby and the people around it to make sure it’s in good hands.

Just like all SpotCam monitoring cameras, SpotCam Mibo is equipped with a free forever 24-hour full-time cloud recording plan, you can export and share the lovely footage with your friends and family easily. In addition, SpotCam offers optional cloud recording plans for up to 365 days, you can subscribe to it based on your need.

On the other hand, SpotCam launches comprehensive optional cloud AI services making SpotCam your best partner when it comes to pet care. The first interesting function we’d like to introduce is the automatic video diary, SpotCam can automatically create an album and time-lapse videos to save every valuable moment of your baby. Pet sound detection allows you to soothe your baby immediately by receiving a real-time notification when the camera detects a dog barking and a cat meowing. Last but not the least, you can freely draw a line on the video with the virtual fence function and AI will monitor and send alerts when your pet crosses the line, keeping an eye on your baby for you.

Get confused by all pet camera options in the market? SpotCam Mibo really stands out for its not only price-competitive but comes with versatile useful functions for pet caring. Now, get a SpotCam Mibo smart AI cloud pet camera and make it you and your fur baby’s best partner ever.

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