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How to share SpotCam video with my family and friends?

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You can share SpotCam video with your friends and families or publish your video on our web site following few simple steps in SpotCam setting page or SpotCam mobile App.

Share your SpotCam video by sending an email invitation

You can send an invitation to your friends or family member's email address to share your video with them. Below is a step by step instructions to show you how. Note here we use web browser for illustration, you can also do this with your SpotCam App on mobile too.

1. Open SpotCam setting page and click “Share” tab.
(Click share icon above timeline in live video page if you are using SpotCam App)

2. Enter the email address and invitation message then click “Send your iInvitation”.

3. An invitation will then be sent to the mail address you designated, and recipient should click “Check it out” to open the link of shared video and then login with SpotCam account to accept it. Note the SpotCam account that recipient uses to log in should be identical with the mail where invitation has been sent, or the invitation will not be successful. If recipient doesn't have an account already, please click sign up to register an account with the mail where invitation has been sent after click "Check it out".

NOTE: Facebook login is not allowed to accept video sharing invitation, make sure to log in with SpotCam account when accept invitation

Publish your SpotCam video to the world

1. Open SpotCam setting page then click “Public” tab.
(Click share icon above timeline in live video page if you are using SpotCam App)

2. Agree to terms and conditions, tick the check box if you agree, then you can public your video. Note your SpotCam video will be public to everyone once you click the button.

3. Please uncheck “Share my SpotCam video on” if you don’t want to put your video in “Now On Air” section on our web site.

4. This link is a direct link to your SpotCam video, anyone who has the link can view your SpotCam video

5. Use this code to embed your video into other web site.

NOTE: You can turn your SpotCam video back to private anytime by going to public tab again and click turn private button

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