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Does SpotCam follow the UK Surveillance Camera Code of Conduct?

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Yes, SpotCam camera range has been officially approved by the Home Offices Secured by Design (SBD) organisation in July 2016.

SBD ensures that all our products operate in full accordance with UK CCTV regulations and that all data gathered is fully secure and trusted. In particular, SpotCam fully meets ISO 27001 accreditation for data security and integrity.

All SpotCam products follow the UK Surveillance Camera Code of Conduct, the main purpose of this code is to ‘ensure that individuals and wider communities have confidence that surveillance cameras are deployed to protect and support them, rather than be intrusive. Any surveillance should be characterised as surveillance by consent, and such consent on the part of the community must be informed consent and not assumed by a system operator.’

A great feature of the SpotCam cameras is the full control the owner has when using it. The SpotCam camera range can be scheduled to operate at any time to suit the user and will fit in with any operating criteria set by the owner.

For users wanting to use the camera range to enhance their social media content, the added feature of low level audio allows viewers to become even more engaged with any matches or events that you want to stream. SpotCam video can be securely shared in many ways and as its cloud based, it is unaffected by the usual contention issues experienced by using your own web camera service.

The use of video on any website has been proven to raise its profile and extend user engagement.This in turn overall will raise its ranking with search engines drives more people to it and enhances its position.

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