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What are the functions of the buttons on chime speaker of SpotCam Ring?

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There are 2 buttons on SpotCam Ring’s chime speaker. These buttons can let you switch chime speaker to AP mode, change ring sound or reset the chime speaker.

Switch chime speaker to AP mode:
If your chime speaker is working in client mode, press button with signal symbol once then chime speaker will switch to AP mode. You can do this when you want to change the WiFi connection of SpotCam Ring.

If you pressed this button accidently, you can press this button again then your chime speaker will return to client mode and connect back to your Wi-Fi network again.

Change ring sound of chime speaker:
SpotCam Ring has built-in 3 different chime sounds (ding-dong, dog barking, baby crying) in chime speaker and you can switch between different tones by pressing the music symbol button twice in a row. By click the button once it will ring the current tone and by click the button twice in a row it will switch the ring sound to next tone in order.

Reset the chime speaker:
If your chime speaker is already disconnected and you want to install SpotCam Ring under another account, then please long press both buttons on the chime speaker for 6 seconds to reset the chime speaker locally. Please note, after you reset the chime speaker locally please contact SpotCam support so we can help you to clear prior registration record on server as well, and then you can install SpotCam Ring with your new account.

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