SpotCam: “AI will have the opportunity to improve your life”

As technology advances, we are finding new ways to examine our surroundings. Newly introduced cameras have the capacity to detect human activity, monitor humidity and temperature, and perform sophisticated face recognition. But how safe are they? Cameras are often associated with security and pro...

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10:53 Apr 18/22   /   By: SpotCam

High-Tech Babysitter - SpotCam BabyCam Cloud AI Smart Baby Monitor

Are you looking for a security camera that can keep an eye on your baby and record every lovely moment at the same time? SpotCam hear your voice! We're now around the corner to launch the first cloud smart AI baby camera - SpotCam BabyCam. In addition to the built-in motion detection and baby tra...

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21:10 Jan 21/22   /   By: SpotCam

SpotCam Pano 2 Panoramic Smart AI Security Camera Is Launched

Following the introduction of 2nd generation SpotCam cloud-based home monitoring camera, today we’re happy to announce the launch of our latest cloud based smart AI home security camera - SpotCam Pano 2, a successor of our much appreciated 180° fisheye panoramic camera SpotCam Pano. If you’r...

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11:52 Dec 08/21   /   By: SpotCam

The whole new generation of video surveillance solution by SpotCam

To answer the strong demand from the market, we are going to launch SpotCam first series of business IP cameras aiming for small to medium business applications. What makes it different from traditional CCTV monitoring system is that there’s no need to purchase expensive and bulky NVR, DVR or V...

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22:01 Dec 04/21   /   By: SpotCam

The difference between P2P camera and cloud camera

Have you ever tried to choose an ideal security camera among all options in the market? Then you must realize most brands claim their products to be cloud cameras. You may think that it is called a cloud security camera as long as it supports reviewing remotely using mobile APP, right? Of course ...

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19:23 Nov 30/21   /   By: SpotCam

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