What You Need to Know – About Cloud Camera Cyber Security

There have been constant talks about the concern of privacy and cyber security breach caused by the system design loophole of connected cloud cameras and IP cameras. Take this chance, we would like to write this article to clarify some common misunderstandings and explain in detail whether or not...

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13:47 Feb 20/23   /   By: SpotCam

SpotCam Mibo – Secure Your Fur Baby

Have you ever thought about what would your fur baby do while staying at home alone? SpotCam is going to launch a smart AI cloud pet camera – SpotCam Mibo to bring you peace of mind even when you’re away. Except for the basic motion and sound detection, there are also built-in pet detection a...

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10:53 Dec 06/22   /   By: SpotCam

SpotCam Eva Pro and SpotCam PT1 – 2K Pan/ Tilt Cameras Join the Family

Let’s welcome new products in the SpotCam cloud camera lineup! We’re glad to announce 2 types of pan/ tilt cloud cameras – SpotCam Eva Pro cloud home camera and SpotCam PT1 indoor/outdoor cloud business camera. You can find a perfect solution in different usage scenarios no matter you are l...

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10:37 Nov 29/22   /   By: SpotCam

Want to Save the Earth? Reduce Electronic Waste by Convert Your Old Phone into a Security Camera

Don’t throw away that old phone just yet, now you can build a full-fledged cloud security system out of your old phone simply by installing the SpotCam app on it. Sounds amazing right? What’s even more surprising is how easy it can be done. In this article, we are going to walk you through th...

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14:18 Nov 01/22   /   By: SpotCam

Is The SpotCam Cloud Service Subscription Rate Higher Than Others?

Cloud technology has been popularized among all aspects in daily life. The video surveillance industry, which has been conservative and slow in adopting new technology, is gradually embracing cloud technology. Under such a background, SpotCam has launched a real cloud video surveillance solution....

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14:33 Sep 19/22   /   By: SpotCam

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