New released SpotCam Cloud Video AI Service - Face Recognition and Baby Crying Detection

Since the SpotCam Cloud Video AI Service released, this technology has been well reputed by our customers around the world. Today, we’re going to introduce two new AI services that become available for subscription for your SpotCam – Face Recognition and Baby Crying Detection. Face Recognitio...

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11:50 Dec 18/19   /   By: SpotCam

SpotCam Pano - No blind spots anymore

Have you always been bothered by the key moments you missed which happened at blind spots outside the view of your security camera? Well, SpotCam Pano is right there for you! With a 180-degree fisheye panoramic view, you can see the whole picture through SpotCam Pano. Don’t worry about missing ...

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11:49 Jul 08/19   /   By: SpotCam

A more intelligent solution - SpotCam Cloud Video AI Service

Today, we’re going to talk about our highly praised technology – SpotCam Cloud Video AI service. This is the first time that  advanced AI video analytics could be accessed so easily with a low budget by general consumers to help solving problems faced in their daily life when using video moni...

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15:10 Apr 16/19   /   By: SpotCam

Introducing the innovative new feature for your SpotCam - Visual Search

Unlike most other me too cameras out there in the market which are based on P2P system with limited functions on mobile app, SpotCam is based on true cloud platform with full time cloud storage, on which we constantly develop innovative and useful features to surprise our users. Among those new...

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20:42 Nov 25/17   /   By: SpotCam

A real "Smart Home Cloud Camera" - SpotCam Sense

After a hype started from 2010, industry starts to see the term "Smart Home" cooling down in the market, we don't see new start-up every month touting new fancy gadget that trying to make your home smart. Exclude Amazon Echo and Google Home, there are barely any smart home products that one can re...

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18:09 Dec 03/16   /   By: SpotCam

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