New released SpotCam Cloud Video AI Service - Face Recognition and Baby Crying Detection

11:50 Dec 18/19    /   By: SpotCam

Since the SpotCam Cloud Video AI Service released, this technology has been well reputed by our customers around the world. Today, we’re going to introduce two new AI services that become available for subscription for your SpotCam – Face Recognition and Baby Crying Detection.

Face Recognition

Wants to know who is entering your house now? Try Face Recognition! Simply use SpotCam App or SpotCam web interface to save your family members’ faces then you’re ready to go. SpotCam will alert you instantly when someone entering your home and also inform you who that might be. Don’t worry about someone breaks into your house anymore, you can also set the alarm when stranger face detected by your SpotCam with Face Recognition service. With Face Recognition service, it is easy to further secure your family and feel extra peace of mind.

Baby Crying Detection

For those parents with a new-born baby at home, Baby Crying Detection is undoubtedly a considerate service. SpotCam knows that taking care of a baby is quite tiresome, that’s why we provide Baby Crying Detection service. SpotCam AI server will send you instant notification when detecting your baby crying, so you know there is something wrong even when you are not in the same room. Just have a short break, SpotCam will keep an eye on for you!

Indoor Bundle & Outdoor Bundle

Together with the two new services, we are also offering bundled AI package for indoor application and outdoor application. Now you can get a variety of AI services for indoor detection or outdoor detection with discounted bundle price.

If you’re attracted by our latest service and want to give it a try now, just click here for a 7-day free trial or a monthly/ annually subscription!


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