What to consider when choosing your home monitoring camera?

13:45 Jul 12/14    /   By: SpotCam

With internet and WiFi become more and more common in people's house, we've come to a time that installing a WiFi monitoring camera in people's house is no longer a challenge. You may want a WiFi monitoring camera in your house for different reasons, it could be your dog, cat, baby, or elderly that you care. No matter what you like to watch, there are some common aspects you should think about before you buy your camera.

Is the camera designed for home environment

This point can influence your experience with monitoring system greatly in many ways. Obviously, if you choose a camera that is supposed to be installed by professional installer or system integrator, then you are not going to set it up easily by yourself. Choose a WiFi camera that can save you from Ethernet cabling and network setup is critical point to make sure you can set up the camera by yourself. This is why we choose to make a WiFi camera and allow it to be set up with PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet. You can usually finish WiFi setup in a matter of seconds with our friendly design.

Aside from WiFi connection, it is also important to know how to physically install the camera. Many so-called home monitoring system in the market require the camera to be installed on the wall with thick and heavy bracket, make it difficult for normal people to really install the camera physically. For this regard, we choose to put a bracket at the bottom of SpotCam HD so you can easily place it on table. Besides, we include a wall-mount plate that you can easily fit the camera bracket in so you can take it down or put it back onto wall whenever you like it.

What is the video technology

This may sounds like rocket science to most people who are not technical savvy, but it is important to understand when you choose your home monitoring WiFi camera. Most important thing to look is video format (or some people say compression format) and camera bit rate. When you see a camera comes with MJPEG video format, it means all of the image is compressed in a low compression rate, and this will cause a big problem to the network in your house. Make sure you choose a H.264 compression camera, this type of camera usually transmit video in lower bit rate and hence occupies lower uploading bandwidth of the network in your house. With that in mind, SpotCam HD adopts H.264 compression and specifically tunes video stream size to make the bit rate as low as 256Kb.

How is the image quality

Just like digital camera, it is never easy to know all the parameters and factors that could influence the image quality, however, there are some simple rules to follow to make sure you pick a home monitoring WiFi camera with optimal image quality. We have another article talking about more details on image quality, you can read it here.

As long as you can keep above points in mind, you should be safe to buy an easy to use WiFi monitoring camera with great functionality for your home. If you still have any questions or concerns in your mind, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help.

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