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What are those icons and buttons on camera placeholder in My SpotCam page?

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If your SpotCam App version is 5.0 or newer, then you will see icons showing camera status and buttons for camera settings shortcuts on “My SpotCam” page. The meanings of these icons and buttons are listed below:

Camera Status Icon
Those icons displayed under the name of your camera are showing different status of the camera and make it easier for you to check some settings and camera conditions.

Power Cord Mode
Applicable model: SpotCam Solo

You can choose to power your SpotCam Solo by power cord or batteries in camera setting page, and this icon indicates camera is powered by cable now. Please note that it won’t show the correct battery level and low-battery alert won’t work if you don’t choose correct power mode in camera setting page. Please make sure to select the correct power mode in “Settings” based on your installation.

Battery Level
Applicable model: SpotCam Video Doorbell series, SpotCam Solo

This icon indicates the battery level of your SpotCam camera. It’ll show 3 bars if batteries are full, while empty battery (0 bar) means you should replace batteries for your camera immediately. Please note that false low battery alarm may trigger if you use power cord for your camera but select battery power mode in camera setting. Please select the correct power mode in “Settings” to prevent this from happening.

Signal Strength
Applicable model: SpotCam FHD series, SpotCam Sense series, SpotCam Pano, SpotCam Solo and SpotCam Video Doorbell series

This icon indicates the signal strength between your SpotCam camera and the Wi-Fi router. Please read this article to learn more about how to improve the Wi-Fi connection quality. Please note that, for SpotCam Video Doorbell series, this icon will show the weaker of signal strength between camera to the chime speaker and camera to the Wi-Fi router.

Cloud Video Recording
Applicable model: SpotCam all models

This icon indicates your videos are stored in the cloud server. You can also select microSD card video storage to store your video in the microSD card for SpotCam Video Doorbell series and SpotCam Solo. If you select microSD card video storage, then next icon below will show.

MicroSD Card Video Storage
Applicable model: SpotCam Video Doorbell series and SpotCam Solo

This icon indicates your videos are stored in the microSD card. You can select cloud video recording to store your videos in the cloud server as well by changing your recording plan in camera setting.

Cloud Video AI
Applicable model: SpotCam HD series, SpotCam HD Eva, SpotCam FHD series, SpotCam Sense series and SpotCam Pano

This icon indicates you have subscribed to or are on a free trial of one or more SpotCam cloud video AI services. Please read this article if you want to learn more about SpotCam cloud video AI service.

Camera Setting Shortcut Button
These buttons displayed on the right of your camera in My SpotCam page make it faster for you to set your SpotCam camera when needed.

Camera Schedule

This button enables you to turn on or off your camera schedule. It means camera schedule function is turned on when this button is in blue and it means camera schedule function is turned off when this button is in gray. Camera schedule makes your camera to turn itself on and off based on the time period you assigned. Please visit “Settings” page to set up your camera schedule if like.

Alert Notification

This button allows you to enable or disable alert function completely. It means alert function is on and your camera will detect motion and sound events if the shield in the icon is blue; it means alert function is off if the shield is gray. You can go to camera setting to configure detail alert settings including decide which kind of events should trigger alert notifications.

Camera On/ Off

This button lets you turn on and off your camera by single click. It means camera is on when icon is in blue and camera is turned off when icon is in gray.


You can enter camera setting page by click this icon without entering camera live video page. You will find more configurable settings for your camera here.

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