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Why SpotCam Solo’s battery life is short?

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The power consumption of SpotCam Solo when working in sleep mode is very low, and it consumes more power when triggered by motion events and start recording and streaming video. Usually SpotCam Solo can be triggered for more than 1000 times with 6 brand new alkaline batteries, so the battery power can stand for 3 to 6 months averagely. If you fine SpotCam Solo batteries life shorter than average, then please refer to below information to extend the batter life of SpotCam Solo.

1. Use alkaline batteries 
Please use alkaline batteries only for SpotCam Solo and do not use carbon zinc batteries.

2. Make sure your network connection is stable
SpotCam Solo will consumes more power if it doesn’t have a stable connection to your WiFi network. SpotCam Solo will keep trying to recover the connection when WiFi connection is down and this will consume more power. If you notice that the camera keeps disconnecting or its LED is blinking green and orange, please check your WiFi environment. Also, please check here for more detail information for each LED blinking pattern.

3. Avoid irrelevant event trigger
The detection range of SpotCam Solo’s PIR motion sensor is about 5m, so the camera will not be triggered by the activity far away from the camera. However, if SpotCam Solo is installed in an environment where continuous motion is present (e.g.. lots of people are walking in front of the camera), then camera’s power consumption will be very high and battery life will be much shorter. Please do not put SpotCam Solo at an environment which is close to constant activities.

4. Prevent from watching camera live or playback frequently
As aforementioned, camera will consume more power when waking up, so please avoid watching live video or playback video too frequently. However, please note you can enable the 30-day free cloud backup plan for SpotCam Solo, with which you can watch recorded video footage on cloud without wake up the camera to save power.

5. Set event recording duration of SpotCam Solo
You can set different event recording duration for each trigger of SpotCam Solo, and it is set at 10 seconds per trigger by default. and it can also be set at 20 or 30 seconds if you like. However, please note longer recording duration will make SpotCam Solo consumes more battery power.

6. Enable camera schedule
If you don’t need SpotCam Solo to work full time, you can set the camera schedule for SpotCam Solo to turn it off automatically to save battery power when monitoring is not necessary.

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