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SpotCam has been registered by other account, what should I do?

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One SpotCam can only be registered by one account at a time, so if your SpotCam was registered earlier and not yet deactivated, then you can NOT register the SpotCam again with another account, and you will see warning message when you try to set up the registered SpotCam.

If you purchased a used SpotCam from someone else, most likely you will face this situation, and what you should do is contact SpotCam support so our support staff can help you deactivate the camera and clear the registration record on server so you can register again with your own account.

As inconvenient as it may seem to be, we feel it is necessary to protect the ownership of the camera so even when a thief or intruder take away your SpotCam, all your video recording would still be stored on the cloud safe and sound and only you can access to them.

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